Mastering the Art of Capacity-Building Grants for Technology: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Success

Technology has transcended its conventional role in nonprofit sustainability and emerged as a catalyst for growth. This article explores insights into the complexities of capacity building grants for technology, shared by industry expert, Julie Bianchi of Cloudbreak Collective.  Technology is typically funded through a nonprofit’s annual operating budget. A capacity building grant for technology can … Read more

Unlocking Success with ETO and Apricot

The key to unlocking the potential of ETO and Apricot lies in strategic investment in implementation, maintenance, and reporting. Let’s delve into why these aspects are critical for the success of your organization.    1. Implementation Strategy for ETO and Apricot: A Solid Foundation  Implementing a nonprofit performance management system (such as ETO and Apricot) … Read more

6 Must-Know Tips to Clean your Apricot & ETO Data

Nonprofit organizations often rely on robust data management systems to track participants, donors, and other critical information. However, over time, these systems can become cluttered, hinder data accuracy and staff productivity. Duplicate records, unused forms, outdated workflows, and other inefficiencies are just some examples. We encourage organizations using Bonterra’s Apricot or ETO to engage in … Read more

Managed Services: Should you hire someone to monitor your Apricot and ETO?

Nonprofits implement performance management CRMs, such as ETO and Apricot, or the critical purpose of measuring and improving their impact with clients and communities. But in a resource-restrained environment, cost is always a major limiting factor.    How should a nonprofit budget their limited resources to maximize their return? Many organizations choose to outsource some … Read more

Social Solutions Announces New Certified Implementation Partner Treadwell

Social Solutions Global, the leading provider of impact and performance management software for human services agencies and nonprofit organizations, announced today an official agreement with Treadwell, a leading provider of implementation services for ETO (Efforts to Outcomes) and Apricot software. Treadwell is now a Certified Implementation Partner of Social Solutions. Founded in 2014 by former Social … Read more

Social Solutions Interview with Treadwell at Impact Summit 2017

Written by: Bonterra (previously Social Solutions) – Interview with Certified Implementation Partner Treadwell We are delighted to present Treadwell, Social Solutions Certified Implementation Partner for both ETO & Apricot, and Platinum Sponsor of the Impact Summit. Treadwell specializes in the implementation, support, and ongoing training of Social Solutions’ Apricot & ETO software. Treadwell consultants use their … Read more