Apricot’s Closed Loop Referrals

Apricot users can now refer program participants directly from your Apricot system to another partner Apricot system. (and receive them too!) This is one that Social Solutions kept very close to the vest while they developed a functionality that organizations will be clawing to get their hands on as quickly as possible. With the Apricot’s … Read more

Update your ETO Dashboard Messages to Match the New Look and Feel of ETO

Recently, Social Solutions completed a full overhaul of their logos, color schemes, fonts and everything visual about their website and products (including ETO, Apricot and Penelope). ETO and Apricot now have a much more consistent look and feel. That means it’s time for you to update your ETO Dashboard Messages to Match the New Look … Read more

ETO Update: Browser Neutrality Breakthrough

It’s been a crazy few weeks for just about the whole world recently.  And yet, some things in life keep rolling along.  This week, April 2020, Social Solutions released another batch of browser-neutrality updates to ETO software!  With these updates, as well as the 2018 ones, we at Treadwell think it’s time for everyone to … Read more

Takeaways from Steve Ballmer’s Keynote at the 2018 Impact Summit

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer keynoted the 2018 Impact Summit this week, discussing the Ballmer Group’s recent $69M investment in Social Solutions. His comments and presentation highlighted the foundation’s commitment to providing opportunities to youth and families. “Every kid deserves a chance at the American dream,” Ballmer said. In addition to expressing his appreciation of … Read more

ETO 2018.1 Release

Social Solutions is gearing up to finish its ETO software update with the 2018.1 release, and it promises to add some long anticipated and exciting new functionality for all ETO licensees! The 2018.1 release includes two enhancements that will make life much easier and better for just about every ETO organization: Barcode Check-In NEW Referrals … Read more

Social Solutions Announces New Certified Implementation Partner Treadwell

Social Solutions Global, the leading provider of impact and performance management software for human services agencies and nonprofit organizations, announced today an official agreement with Treadwell, a leading provider of implementation services for ETO (Efforts to Outcomes) and Apricot software. Treadwell is now a Certified Implementation Partner of Social Solutions. Founded in 2014 by former Social … Read more

Social Solutions Interview with Treadwell at Impact Summit 2017

Written by: Bonterra (previously Social Solutions) – Interview with Certified Implementation Partner Treadwell We are delighted to present Treadwell, Social Solutions Certified Implementation Partner for both ETO & Apricot, and Platinum Sponsor of the Impact Summit. Treadwell specializes in the implementation, support, and ongoing training of Social Solutions’ Apricot & ETO software. Treadwell consultants use their … Read more