Evaluation Services

Treadwell designs customized program evaluation plans to measure your organization’s impact

Theory of Change and Logic Models

What assumptions do you hold about program success? We'll create a research-backed theory of change that maps your outputs to long-term outcomes. Using this theory of change, we will identify key indicators that signal success along each rung of your logic model.

Measurement Plan

Your indicators are only as good as the effectiveness of your ability to collect, track, and measure. Here we plan out an effective strategy to capture, store, and analyze your data. If you are lacking a database or system that tracks program indicators, we will work with you to identify the right platform for your organization.

Process Mapping

How do you use data to improve program impact? Our experts will work alongside your team to co-create an in-depth, process flow chart using data-driven strategies to streamline your program’s most complex processes and improve your ability to serve clients.

Program Workshops

We believe that the best way to establish a sustainable model of internal evaluation is to engage the entire program team. We host workshops with unique programs or with your entire organization to build collective strategies of monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

External Evaluations

Some organizations are looking to contract to an external non-biased evaluator to help provide insights on their program success. Treadwell offers the expertise of trained evaluators to analyze your program data and deliver funder-ready reports.

Evaluation Plans for Better Grant Writing

To be competitive, nonprofits need to go beyond just collecting performance metrics. Effective applicants should demonstrate clear processes to measure, evaluate, and learn from program results. We are dedicated to helping organizations establish better metrics that capture your impact for both better grant writing and improved programming