Managed services

Our managed services options are changing. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Monthly support services

Proactive system monitoring, consultation and quick response support

Rest easy knowing a professional Treadwell consultant is monitoring your Apricot or ETO system. Get personalized system usage reports, one-on-one consultation, and quick-turnaround support with our support services plans.

System monitor

Every support package includes proactive system monitoring. Gain insight into user login habits and evaluate accuracy and frequency of entry for your key data points.


All packages include system consultation support. Higher tiers include free monthly consultations from our network of industry experts across the nonprofit space.1

Advanced reports

Get access to an assortment of Treadwell’s signature reports and templates, e.g. System Blueprint report, Employments Template, or Signature Dashboard Design Template.2

Support services pricing plans

Save 5% with yearly billing

Pricing plans

(Save 5% with yearly billing)


$ 855


$ 1667
  • All Starter Package features, and:


$ 2479
  • All Starter Package features, and:


$ 3292
  • All Starter Package features, and:


$ 4104
  • All Starter Package features, and:

1 ALL packages include 2 consultation calls per month (up to 1 hour each).

2 Availability of advanced features vary by product. Ask about Treadwell’s current feature menu.

3 Additional services generally offered at $180/hour before discount. Some limitations apply.

4 Some limitations apply.

Making the case for investing in valuable technology

Need help boosting your team’s buy-in for organizational investment in Apricot or ETO consultation support? 

These documents provide practical advice for navigating this process and gaining the support you need. Find out how you can transform your nonprofit’s capabilities and demonstrate impact.

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Our managed services options are changing. Please reach out to us to learn more.