API, SFTP and Reporting-Based Automation Tools

Treadwell develops the most advanced automations using ETO and Apricot’s built-in API, SFTP and reporting capabilities.

API Automations

Leverage the power of the built-in integration capabilities of ETO and Apricot. Treadwell's simple processes enable the automation of several simple tasks with much less effort and maintenance than full-fledged integrations.

Imagine your participants entering online surveys, and moving the data into ETO or Apricot instantly. Pick up your data and move it to OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox for visualization processing.

Automated SFTP Batching

Do you receive periodic batches of data that need to be migrated into ETO or Apricot? Social Solutions enables automated SFTP batch processing for both ETO and Apricot, meaning all you have to do is drop your file in any cloud storage, and we can take if from there!

Our SFTP automations can run on a schedule, or whenever you happen to receive your files. We can even monitor your email and pick up your file, so you never have to look at it.

Scheduled Reporting

ETO and Apricot Results allow you to automatically send your data to email or SFTP locations, allowing you to send your data to other systems through Treadwell's automation processing.

Send your data to your 3rd party systems and set your reports to run on any schedule you want.

Custom Scripting

Need your Excel or Access data pre-processed so your data is in the right format for your stakeholders and other systems? Treadwell consultants develop fully custom scripts in Windows-based systems to process your data however you need.

Stop manually manipulating your Excel files and let Treadwell simplify things for you.

Automated File Downloading

Need to get your file attachments out of ETO or Apricot in an organized manner? Treadwell has developed a tool to automatically download all of your ETO or Apricot files and sort them into folders based you your specifications.

Custom RPA Robot Development

If APIs, custom scripts, SFTPs and reporting can't get the job done, Treadwell develops Robotics Processing Automation bots to do the manual work for you. Imagine training a computer to do all of the boring manual work for you. We can do that.