Keeping Your Client Records Clean and Organized with ETO

The importance of maintaining clean and accurate client data records in ETO cannot be overstated. Accurate data is the backbone of effective decision-making, reporting, and analysis. ETO provides powerful tools to ensure the cleanliness of your client records. Here we’ll explore three key features that help you maintain data cleanliness effectively:  1. Duplicate Check Settings … Read more

End-of-Year Giving: 7 Steps to a Running a Successful Year-End Campaign

As the year comes to a close, nonprofits and charitable organizations are gearing up for their most crucial fundraising period.  The year’s final month tends to be a powerhouse when it comes to generosity and making a positive impact. In fact, according to the 2023 M+R Benchmarks Report, December giving accounts for roughly one fourth … Read more

6 Must-Know Tips to Clean your Apricot & ETO Data

Nonprofit organizations often rely on robust data management systems to track participants, donors, and other critical information. However, over time, these systems can become cluttered, hinder data accuracy and staff productivity. Duplicate records, unused forms, outdated workflows, and other inefficiencies are just some examples. We encourage organizations using Bonterra’s Apricot or ETO to engage in … Read more

Managed Services: Should you hire someone to monitor your Apricot and ETO?

Nonprofits implement performance management CRMs, such as ETO and Apricot, or the critical purpose of measuring and improving their impact with clients and communities. But in a resource-restrained environment, cost is always a major limiting factor.    How should a nonprofit budget their limited resources to maximize their return? Many organizations choose to outsource some … Read more

5 Methods to Leverage Apricot Intake Forms

Apricot Intake Forms allow your clients to submit a form using a link directly from your website or email, putting their information directly into your Apricot system. It’s the simplest tool to get information directly into Apricot for your staff. But… Intake Forms can be used for so much more than just intake of new … Read more

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