Part 1: ETO Administrator Training | Post Go-Live Roadmap

We tell every Treadwell client that it doesn’t matter how great of consultants we are; if the organization doesn’t have a well-trained, technically competent administrator, the data system is unlikely to succeed. For this reason, we always recommend that the organization focus on improving the administrator’s skills.

Every hour invested in improving an administrator’s skills will return ten or more hours of time saved within the year. Administrators that are supported with training and reliable resources reach their full potential much quicker.

Advance your skills with a combination of the following:

Complete Basic Training

We highly recommend Social Solutions’ training packages, and we at Treadwell use the same training to keep our skills sharpened.

The Administrator and ETO Results Orientation courses are must-attends for administrators, and the catalogue of training materials available in the Social Solutions Academy is unmatched in breadth and simplicity.

Create a Test Environment

There is no better way to learn than through experience, so having a place to try to things out without affecting your main environment can really help.

If your ETO license allows, create a second Site on your ETO enterprise and use it as a playground and testing bed.  We at Treadwell use a sandbox environment to try out new add-on features and test new configuration strategies.

Just remember, when you build reports on your primary Site, you’ll need to filter out results from your test environment.

Seek Advanced Support

For many administrators, one-on-one support, consultation and training is the best way to make the jump from adequate to advanced.  

Many of our clients choose a light-touch consultation in which the administrator comes to consultation meetings with a list of questions or concepts that they’ve been struggling with, in order to work through their problems and advance their skills.

Having someone to talk with about configuration strategy will both ensure a better configuration, and advance your skillset much more quickly.

Explore Consultation Services

Use the Community User Groups and Knowledge Base

If you’re not already a member of the ETO Community, get in touch with your Account Manager to get signed up.  There is an ideas portal for requesting new functionality, a page for organizing your customer support cases, plus a user groups and a Knowledge Base.

Other community users are active in the groups and quickly respond to questions.  It’s a great free resource for bouncing ideas off of other administrators.


Have other ideas or resources for new administrators?  Let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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Treadwell is the only firm Certified by Social Solutions to provide consulting, implementation and report development services to clients and users of ETO Software.