Treadwell team | Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan

Sr. Director of Operations

Specialty: Apricot

Gold Certified in Apricot Administration

With 20 years’ experience on the front lines of social services and 6 years of direct Apricot consulting, Elizabeth lives her passion by helping people and nonprofits. She simplifies the complicated and streamlines the convoluted. She also makes new technology approachable regardless of skill, all with the goal of leveraging data to drive mission impact.

Elizabeth holds an MA in Public and Nonprofit Administration and is a Treasurer for the Shelby County Veterans Court Foundation. She lives in Memphis, TN, and spends her free time relaxing on her front porch with a good book, her chef of a boyfriend, her best-good-boy Otis, and her opinionated cat Charlie.

Elizabeth is Gold Certified in Apricot Administration.