Treadwell team | Brittany Willard

Brittany Willard

Managing Consultant, Apricot Technical Lead​

Specialty: Apricot


Brittany Willard joined Treadwell in 2021, bringing extensive experience in Apricot software and a strong background in child welfare and the nonprofit sector. Her career in the nonprofit world began with a year at a local YMCA, where she discovered her passion for nonprofit work. Following this, she spent six years at a large state-level organization focused on child welfare, where she played a pivotal role in purchasing and implementing Apricot. Brittany served as the primary administrator for the Apricot instance for five years, gaining deep expertise in the software.

One of Brittany’s career highlights includes being part of a team that conducted a time analysis study of child welfare workers. The data analysis led to successfully advocating for a reduction in the caseload standard from 18 to 12, significantly improving worker and client outcomes.

Brittany’s favorite Apricot feature is Intake, as she appreciates the flexibility it offers in meeting the complex needs of various organizations. Her problem-solving approach involves asking detailed questions, thoroughly understanding the problem, considering all options and potential pitfalls, and collaboratively finding the best solution.

Brittany’s journey began as a data analyst, and she brings this analytical perspective to her Apricot projects. With both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Criminology, she applies her academic background to her work whenever possible, enhancing her contributions to Treadwell and its clients.

She is passionate about the CASA program and the support it provides to youth in foster care.

An avid reader, Brittany also enjoys collecting hobbies, including crafting with her Cricut, loom knitting, candle making, and general DIY projects. Brittany is a loyal fan of Grey’s Anatomy and her all-time favorite movie is Miss Congeniality. When it comes to music, one of her favorite bands is X Ambassadors. She is also a Philadelphia Flyers enthusiast. Her rescue dog, Talia, is a beloved companion who loves to snuggle.

Brittany relies on coffee to fuel her days and if she could have any superpower, it would be teleportation, allowing her to travel without the hassle of planes and cars.