The Covering House – Apricot Case Study

Apricot 360 implementation project for the Covering House

Find out how Treadwell successfully supported The Covering House through their Apricot 360 implementation process, and helped improve their workflow management.

apricot implementation case study

About the Covering House

The Covering House provides holistic, trauma-informed care to youth who have experienced sexual trafficking within the United States. Using the comprehensive COVER Care™ program, the services are centered on healing and restoration. Staff address all the clients’ needs to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Product: Apricot 360

Use cases:

  • Implementation
  • Forms
  • Workflows


The Covering House’s transition to the Apricot 360 case management system coincided with an accelerated organizational growth and capacity building. The expansion required a deep focus on effectively capturing vital data that could scale with them as they increased programs and services to clients.

Treadwell has helped us implement our new Apricot database. The team was super helpful and kind!

Brooke Nelson, Data and IT Administrator


Apricot 360 allowed for streamlined workflows and data centrality. Treadwell was engaged to manage the Apricot 360 implementation and guide The Covering House on configurations based on best practices and using the software at its fullest capacity.

Apricot implementation

The Covering House’s evolution increased its residential program’s accessibility. Facing the prospect of serving more clients, their in-depth and complex data collection needs required processes to support this growth. 

Treadwell professionals worked closely with The Covering House staff to identify essential data points, minding reporting and funding requirements. Working together, the implementation team was able to map both staff and client journeys, providing a clear picture of interaction points and understanding of the client’s experience. 

Treadwell’s strategy allowed for the leveraging of Apricot features  which centralized work, client information, and data points of entry. 

Streamlining data and strategizing optimal workflows

The Covering’s House holistic approach to service creates the need for intricate eligibility screenings as well as complex assessments and care planning. This results in various data sources across service teams. 

Treadwell executed a configuration that streamlined forms and client document folders, removing work and data collection redundancies. Additionally, Treadwell deployed the Workflow functionality to guide users through system navigation and customized task lists. 

Finally, the Connect portal was implemented, sharing the data entry load between staff and clients, while maintaining the centralized location of that data.


Treadwell supported The Covering House through the process of their Apricot 360 implementation, which occurred simultaneously with their opening of another (larger) residential center.

Treadwell provided expertise and guidance on best practices and ensured their Apricot solution was set up for long-term success and scalability.