Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities – Apricot Case Study

Supporting organizations through staff and system transitions

Check out how Treadwell supported Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities through staff and system transitions, from Apricot license upgrade to continuous administrative support.

apricot license upgrade case study

About the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities

The Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities is one of national networks of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Their mission is to provide leadership that advances the inclusion of people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities.

Product: Apricot Core

Use cases:

  • License upgrade
  • Reporting
  • Administrative support


Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities approached Treadwell for help upgrading their Apricot license. Concurrently, the Center’s most critical Apricot administrative resource took leave for three months, leaving the Center in dire need of short-term support at the same time as their system upgrade.

Treadwell was able to field all our Apricot questions, concerns, and reporting needs. I’m not sure what we would have done without them!

Megan Meck, Program Coordinator


Treadwell supported Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities through their license upgrade and re-implementation, and stood in as outside expert administration support, ensuring both a smooth transition to the new system and supporting staff in the absence of the Center’s local administrator.

License upgrade

The Center sought to improve its use of Apricot through an upgrade of its license from Core to 360.  The Center identifies several advanced new features that it intended to implement, such as Apricot Connect and Intake.  In addition, the Center would benefit from shifting their “guest” users to the new Apricot Connect Portal.

Treadwell’s expert team conducted a full re-implementation of the Center’s Apricot environment, skillfully integrating core and advanced features and producing a user-friendly environment that enabled staff to minimize their effort within the data entry system. 

Working alongside the Center, Treadwell deployed substantial new and advanced Apricot functionality, such as Intake forms and the Connect Portal, while training the Center’s staff on its most effective uses.

Bridging staffing gaps through administrative support

During the engagement the Center’s most capable and advanced Apricot administrative staff took leave for three months. Treadwell stepped up to take on all of the Center’s day-to-day Apricot work, ranging from creating and maintaining the Center’s necessary reports, to creating and managing user accounts and permissions.

Upon the staff’s return, Treadwell provided transitional training to the staff to ensure proper knowledge transfer, setting the Center up for long-term success with their new Apricot 360 system.

“Treadwell helped our organization with all Apricot needs while I was out […] I don’t know what we would have done without them!” Megan Meck, Program Coordinator


Treadwell’s team of experienced consultants helped lead Maryland Center through two critical challenges: Apricot upgrade and re-implementation, ensuring a professionally designed system; and temporary administrative support during challenging staffing gaps.

Treadwell continues to provide ongoing administrative support to the Center.