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Treadwell delivers efficient, accurate and professional services, and consulting for Bonterra’s Apricot and ETO software.

Our team of professional consultants empower you to let the inherent talent of your organization shine through proof of your success.

Why Treadwell?

The only Bonterra Certified Partner for both Apricot and ETO

Data drives your organization. It’s how you measure the people reached, lives changed, and how you decide where and how your funds are invested. Refined data can give an accurate assessment of your organization’s goals and success.

So what happens when community impact is not easy to quantify? When your numbers aren’t making the impression they should? When reporting and grant writing becomes more difficult?

Treadwell makes your data work for you when every dollar is a precious commodity and transparency is paramount. We do this by driving nonprofit performance through our programs and processes. We create personal systems designed for your organization and train your team on how to keep your data working so you can keep helping.

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Our clients

Treadwell works with a variety of clients across the nonprofit space. We take time to learn each client’s unique needs and ensure their organization is getting the most out of their Bonterra’s Apricot or ETO software.

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