Sample Dashboard Menu

Includes .css and .html files for publishing menu-based Dashboard Messages in ETO, with matching color scheme.

Open Touchpoint Button

Javascript code and instructions for creating a button that opens a TouchPoint for a participant, from another TouchPoint!

Additional Resources

Social Solutions Website
Social Solutions’ ETO and Apricot products are the industry leaders for Nonprofit Performance Management.


ETO Software Help Manual
Access the ETO Software Help Manual.


Leap Ambassadors
The Performance Imperative – A Framework for Social-Sector Excellence


Our text/code editor of choice! Notepad++ makes modifying basic code very simple, including ETO Results, HTML, javascript and CSS.


Font Awesome Icons
ETO Software (and many other major websites) leverages Font Awesome for icons and imagery. Because it’s built into ETO, your custom Dashboard Menus and Reports can include Font Awesome’s icons.