We’re Live! Now what? A Post-Go Live Roadmap for ETO Administrators

Having provided ETO consultation and services to hundreds of organizations over the past decade or more, we’ve found that there is a consistency in the life-cycle of an organization that implements any new software, including ETO. One such consistency is the Post-Go Live phase. The process of implementation is both similar to, but also very different from data system maintenance.

In Implementation, the organization focuses on gathering requirements, building out a structure to support those requirements, and then training staff on system processes.

Post-Go Live, organizations must switch gears to:

  • Ensure that users enter data consistently and of high quality
  • Develop new reports to better support users, managers and funders
  • Adjust the system configuration to support both new requirements and implementation oversights
  • Advance the skills of the organization’s ETO administrator.

With so many moving parts, admins need their own user manual to help them know where to focus their energy and how to support the system and the organization.

In our ‘Post-Go Live Roadmap for Administrators’ series, we will be exploring four critical skills/processes for Administrators post go-live. Follow the links below to learn more!

Part 1: Administrator Training

Part 2: Data Quality Monitoring and Outcomes Reporting

Part 3: System Adjustments (Coming Soon!)

Part 4: Keeping Up With Reports (Coming Soon!)


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