ETO Browser Neutrality Breakthrough!

It’s been a crazy few weeks for just about the whole world recently.  And yet, some things in life keep rolling along. 

This week, Social Solutions released another batch of browser-neutrality updates to ETO! 

With these updates, we at Treadwell think it’s time for everyone to make the switch away from Internet Explorer to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or whichever other modern browser you use.  There are a few clients that might still use fringe legacy pages (old referrals, legacy batch upload, etc.), but these pages will be updated soon enough.

The recent updates don’t make the pages look particularly different, but they function very fast, and, most importantly, they function properly in modern browsers. 

Here’s a list of functions updated between March 24 and April 3, 2020:

  • Manage Site Navigation
  • Manage Feeder Tables
  • Manage Demographics
  • Delete Fakes
  • Quick Search
  • Home Page
  • Add New Site
  • Contacts: View/Edit/Add Contact
  • All TouchPoint Pages

This ticks off the most critical browser-neutrality changes for ETO users and administrators.  Let us know if there are functions you use that are yet to be updated. 

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