Delaware County Victim Assistance Center – ETO Case Study

Customized reports & search functions for Delaware County Victim Assistance Center

Learn how Treadwell created customized Dashboard Searches and Reports in ETO software for Delaware County Victim Assistance Center, and made continuous improvements within their ETO software.

ETO reports case study

About Delaware County Victim Assistance Center.

Delaware County Victim Assistance Center is a nonprofit agency that provides comprehensive direct services to any victim of rape, other sexual assault, and other serious crimes, and to significant persons in the victim’s life. They also provide a legal assistance program for attorneys and advocates, education programs for community groups and schools, as well as training for allied professionals.


Use cases:

  • Customized reporting
  • Customized search functions
  • Software enhancements


Delaware County Victim Assistance Center, who use ETO as their case management solution, faced several issues they wanted to solve. They are on a state-run enterprise and, while they can create their own TouchPoints, they cannot edit state TouchPoints, Demographics or Reports, leading to data filtration challenges and less accurate reports.

I like Treadwell’s ability to understand what we’re looking for, but what I like most are the people from Treadwell. They explain our reporting and search features well.

Davida Weiler-Stone, Office Manager


Treadwell has helped Delaware County Victim Assistance Center solve these issues by creating a number of customized Dashboard Searches and Reports, allowing for more efficient and complete reporting.

Streamlined navigation

Firstly, Treadwell had updated the Center’s legacy navigation system to the current Staff and Participant Dashboard functionalities, and supplemented the ETO navigation bar with dynamic Workflow bar. This additional navigation bar can be added to any dashboard in ETO and supports staff in quickly accessing those functions that are most frequently used with less clicks.

Custom-built Dashboard Searches

To bypass the issue of inability to edit state TouchPoints, Treadwell built custom-made Dashboard Searches that utilize the existing TouchPoints, but give the Center the information they’re after.

For example, Treadwell created a Dashboard Search that staff use to view any conflicts for service. This name search runs for all participants, entity offenders and victimization assessments, and pulls all data back into one report.

Another Dashboard Search is the Deceased Family Member Search, which searches all deceased family members by names entered into the Deceased Family Member TouchPoint. One more example of a custom-built Dashboard Search for staff is the Case Notes Search. This searches Services TouchPoints for a word or phrase in the Notes field and returns all participant notes using that key word or phrase.

Complex reports pulled instantly

Delaware County Victim Assistance Center needed the ability to report on many complex aspects of their programs without having to spend hours on gathering information that was in separate places. Building from tailor-made Dashboard Searches, Treadwell created custom all-in-one reports that can be pulled instantly.


“We’re thrilled to be working with Treadwell to enhance and make improvements within the ETO software. These help our agency with data entry, workflow and dashboards, and streamline our reporting.” Rita Schofield, Data and IT Coordinator


For example, for the Center’s legal assistance program, Treadwell has created a legal case tracking component that allows attorneys and advocate to create new cases, as well as to enter notes, services and dispositions tied to that case. One report can be run so all activities on a case can be viewed easily from the participant’s dashboard.

In addition, Treadwell has helped the Center upgrade from entering Offenders into separate Excel sheets used for conflict search into ETO Entities. This removes the spreadsheet tracking and also allows the conflict search to be faster and more efficient and complete.


Treadwell has not only helped Delaware County Victim Assistance Center overcome their initial obstactles, but also worked with them on making continuous improvements within their ETO software.

These improvements helped the Center with their data entry, workflows and dashboards, and streamlined their reporting.

Thanks to Treadwell, time-consuming searches and ardous reporting are now behind the Center, allowing them to focus on their programs and enhance their community impact.