Doing Human Services work is hard.
Measuring your impact is harder.

Creating a custom web-based environment that empowers your users through a simple and powerful interface, while powering impact-based reporting is what we do, and we do it well.


Prior to Treadwell’s founding, John Bianchi and Scott Lamb spent years at Social Solutions helping to lead the evolution of reporting capabilities and configuration design in ETO software. Their knowledge and passion, combined with a team of Gold Certified staff, in both ETO and Apricot, means that you receive faster, higher quality work which exceeds best practice standards.


Treadwell’s team has diverse and extensive experience in project management, training, strategy, HMIS, workflow development and reporting. We have worked with non-profits and government offices to provide the most comprehensive and professional set of services available for users and administrators of ETO and Apricot since 2014. You will find we approach every project with a heavy dose of realism; we will tell you what is possible with your software and whether we are the right fit to accomplish your goals for your system.


Simply put, there is no substitute for experience. Let Treadwell help unleash the power of your users and clients today.



John’s fourteen years of creative technology design and direct ETO experience makes him one of the most capable and experienced consultants available.  A former attorney with a background in software design, John has leveraged his unique blend of skills to help hundreds of ETO clients simplify their system and maximize reporting power.  

In addition to ETO services, John leads Treadwell’s automation services, connecting ETO, Apricot and other services via APIs and SFTP integrations.

John lives the rural farm life on Whidbey Island, WA.  He finds joy mostly watching his children learn how to bike and swim, while serving up gourmet farm meals to toddlers.

John is ETO Gold Certified in ETO Administration and ETO Results.



Scott brings over ten years of ETO-specific data migration, database configuration, and reporting experience to his clients.  His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for assisting nonprofits of all sizes have helped make Treadwell a leader in case management software consulting.  He discovered his love of data 25 years ago, when he was completing his undergraduate degree in business information systems. 

His passion for helping nonprofits, love of all things data, and his thorough understanding of his clients’ needs are why organizations choose to work with him. 

Scott lives in Towson, MD with his wife of over 10 years, 2 kids, 2 cats and enjoys running, biking, golfing and hiking with his family.

Scott is ETO Gold Certified in ETO Administration and ETO Results

Elizabeth Morgan


Elizabeth is a tinkerer and a glutton for new skills.  From home renovations, art, and baking, to new ways of using Apricot to get the job done, Elizabeth loves to do anything that involves learning new things.  From her home in Memphis, TN, Elizabeth provides the most comprehensive Apricot consulting available.  With 20 years’ experience on the front lines of social services and 6 years of direct Apricot consulting, Elizabeth lives her passion by helping people and nonprofits.  She simplifies the complicated, streamlines the convoluted, and makes new technology approachable regardless of skill, all with the goal of leveraging data to drive mission impact.


Elizabeth holds an MA in Public and Nonprofit Administration.  She is Treasurer for the Shelby County Veterans Court Foundation, and she spends her free time relaxing on her front porch with a good book, her chef of a boyfriend, her best-good-boy Otis, and her opinionated cat Charlie.


Elizabeth is Gold Certified in Apricot Administration.

Jane Hautzinger


Ask any of the hundreds of organizations, large and small, whom Jane Hautzinger has helped design and implement ETO. Invariably, they love Jane and the work she has done for them. Throughout Jane’s  years implementing ETO Software, she has taken a personal approach to working with every customer, and it is reflected in the quality of her work, and the praise of her clients.


In addition to her more than 10 years of direct ETO Software professional services experience, Jane has 20 years of Non-Profit/Government work experience in the Criminal Justice/Court System as well as with Domestic Violence Programs and a total of 19 years managing secure web-based databases for nonprofits and governments.


Jane is Gold Certified in ETO Administration

Corrine Hill


Corrine brings over 5 years of non-profit experience in leadership, management and Apricot development.  Using her expertise in Apricot and her passion for the underserved, Corrine thrives helping organizations inform, design and promote linkages between data collection, program design, operations, and assessment. Corrine is enamored with helping to assist Apricot clients in their efforts to promote the use of data in a manner that will result in shared insight and driving continuous improvement of programs and people. She live the philosophy that strong data collection, simpereporting, and critical analysis promotes successful outcome goals and community impact.


Corrine lives in “Surf City USA” (Huntington Beach, in Orance County California). She enjoys beach days with her husband and daughter, walking her puppy and obsessing over true crime podcasts.

Jordan Grover


As an advocate for mission-driven organizations, Jordan Grover understands that turning data into insights is essential for program improvement and impact, and she has equipped hundreds of nonprofit professionals with the tools to do so. Her love for ETO and Apricot spreads to even the most apprehensive new user, empowering everyone in an organization to build a culture of learning and evaluation. Jordan is also excited to expand the conversation about data and equity and is currently pursuing new ways to approach data collection, analysis, and program evaluation with an equity lens.


Jordan lives in Washington D.C. where she enjoys running, biking, and productive political discourse.